Birdie Balm™

The Senior Golfer’s “Secret Weapon” That Improves Flexibility, Reduces Inflammation, And Soothes Aches, Pains, And Nagging Injuries!

Aches, pain, and inflammation is no way to live – or to play golf. Birdie Balm™ contains a number of all-natural, unique ingredients that work together to boost circulation, reduce inflammation, and soothe and loosen tired, knotted muscles.

This in turn leads to increased performance, reduced discomfort, and a smoother, surer swing that translates into more distance, a lower scorecard, and more bets won on the course.


The Senior Golfer’s Best-Kept Secret


Improve Flexibility


Increase Distance


Reduce Injury


Mental Clarity


What Is Birdie Balm?

Birdie Balm™ is a topical salve made from all-natural ingredients. Simply scoop some out on your finger and rub vigorously onto the skin for five seconds for immediate relief of aches, pains, and injuries.

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blood circulation

Why Do Senior Golfers Everywhere
Swear By Birdie Balm?

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Unlock The True Potential Of The Golf Swing

Birdie Balm boosts blood flow wherever it’s applied. More circulation means more muscle power and less fatigue, which means longer, straighter drives and improved endurance on the course.

“Loose” Muscles Mean Better Flexibility

Birdie Balm’s unique ingredients don’t just soothe aches and pains – they also “unlock” the full range of motion when applied to the shoulders, hips, or elbows. That means more power off the tee, less chance of injury, and a smoother, more consistent swing.


Stay Fresher, For Longer

Nothing kills a promising game like fatigue. Birdie Balm’s unique formulation means muscles stay refreshed, pain levels stay low, and focus remains on the game, not on the pain.

Think Faster, Play Better

Birdie Balm’s unique scent is subtle, but releases natural chemicals that heighten mental awareness and processing power. That means better choices during the match, which in turn means more bets won.

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Less Injuries, Less Pain

Increased circulation means sprains and injuries heal faster than ever. Plus, reduced swelling and inflammation means not only less pain for existing injuries, but a far lower chance of being injured in the first place.

Perfect For Insect Bites

Birdie Balm doesn’t just help with circulation and inflammation. It also contains a mild numbing agent which reduces itchiness of bug bites you might get while out on the course, increasing comfort and helping you stay focused on winning bets.

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Perfect For Use On…


Birdie Balm Is The Perfect Size
To Keep With You At All Times!

Keep Birdie Balm in a golf bag, car, or around the house. It’s perfect for use…


Birdie Balm Is Manufactured
Specifically For Senior Golfers
At A State-Of-The-Art Facility

So you know it’s always clean, sterile, and free of disease. Plus, the all-natural ingredients
Birdie Balm is safe to use for men and women, old and young alike!

What Do Customers
About Birdie Balm™?

I couldn’t believe the first time I used this. It was like my aches and pains just vanished. Plus I scored 3 strokes lower than my average. I’ve never left home without it since
Larry G
Love that it’s all-natural. I’ve been telling all my girlfriends about this. I’ve never used any product so effective ever before.
Barb H
My husband was constantly in pain but wouldn’t see a doctor. I started rubbing some of this on his elbow twice a day and he told me the other day he hasn’t felt this good since his 30s.
Mary S
Word of warning, do NOT tell your buddies about this. I did, and now they’re all playing better than ever. Be smarter than I was, keep your trap shut!
Bob O
I keep some in my golf bag, some in my car, my nightstand, my medicine cabinet… hell, even my wife keeps one in her purse
Wayne P
I’m shocked at how much more flexible I am (and how much bigger my drives are) when I use Birdie Balm. It’s like winding the clock back 20 years!
Rodney B
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Active Ingredients: Menthol, Camphor, Beeswax
Include: Fast, Free Shipping, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


WARNING: For external use only not to be taken orally, Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membrane. Do not use on open wounds and damaged skin. Keep away from the reach of children, Stop using and seek medical support if skin irritation develops.


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