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Dear fellow golfer,

No golfer is more respected (or feared) than one who regularly has a sub-80 scorecard.

These golfers have smooth, sure drives that hit the fairway with pinpoint accuracy…

A devastating short game that would have Jack Nicklaus or Sergio Garcia nodding their head in quiet approval…

And the “course sense” to know exactly what club to play, and exactly when to play it… regardless of rain, wind, or sleet.

If you’re anything like most golfers, you probably want to join their ranks…

But no matter how much you practice, how many lessons you get, or what kind of gear you buy…

You just can’t seem to do it.

You might even be so frustrated by the experience, you have begun to believe that breaking 80 requires an unnatural talent only a select few golfers have…

But you’re wrong.

The fact is…

Once You Know How,
Breaking The Elusive “80-Barrier”
Is Surprisingly (And Deceptively) Simple…

In fact, if you simply follow the right system – like the one I’m about to share with you – there’s an excellent chance you’ll send your handicap plummeting in just one afternoon…

Just as hundreds of other users of this program.

I’ll share the proof (and their success stories) in just a moment…

But first, it’s important you understand that failing to break 80 until now is NOT your fault.

Frankly, with all the misleading golf instruction out there today, I think anyone who hasn’t thrown their clubs into the middle of a water hazard out of frustration is worthy of massive respect.

(After all, I’ve been close to doing that on several occasions myself!)

Plus, the fact you’re reading this tells me you know there’s a solution to get you below 80 once and for all…

And I’d hate for you to leave this page without this amazing new system.


When You Get Access To This
Deceptive Simple System For Breaking 80…

And much, much more.

In fact, I’d like you to take a moment to really imagine, in your mind’s eye…

What Your Golf Game Will Look Like
Once You Apply This Powerful System
To Every Drive, Chip, And Putt…

You arrive at the course on a crisp, yet sunny, spring morning…

And you already know it’s going to be a great day.

The harsh winds as you tee up has the rest of your foursome shaken…

But you know beyond any doubt you have more than enough skill to work with a little breeze.

Drawing back your driver, you picture clearly in your mind’s eye the ball sailing 280 yards, with just enough spin to counteract the 15-mile-an-hour wind…

Only to hear the hushed gasps of your buddies as the ball lands in the middle of the fairway, just 80 yards from the pin.

A satisfying pitch leaves the ball just feet from the hole, giving you a putt that’s practically unmissable…

Landing you the birdie you predicted before you teed off.

Your buddies grumble, but as each hand over the $20 they bet you, you can’t help but smile.

Fun golf, fresh air, and maybe a touch of humiliation for your buddies…

This is everything you’ve ever wanted from a game of golf.

Now, if you’re still reading…

You Might Think This Is Impossible
For The Average Golfer…
(But These Letters Prove Otherwise…)

“Your system has helped me break 80 for the first time and I’m getting pars regularly now when before they were very rare…

AND you’ve given me the confidence to keep reaching for the next level which seemed impossible before.

Thank you – your friendship has made all the difference!”

- Yvo, Netherlands


“I appreciate how you don’t over-complicate your instruction like a lot of people do. The simplicity of your program is really working for me.

The other day I shot 2 over for 9 holes – a new personal best for me!

Thank you so much Alex, I will recommend your program to all my golf buddies (once I win a few bets first!)”

- Adam Proctor, Arizona


“All I can say is I have never struck the ball as solidly time after time with all my different clubs.

I played one round today and shot 81 which is about 7 strokes better than my average score.  

Thanks and I look forward to finally breaking 80 consistently!”

- Charlie Thomas


Following the break 80 accelerator has been literally a game changer!

After just 2 weeks, I’ve cut my handicap by seven strokes!

I am seriously expecting to be shooting in the 70s by the end of this season.

- H Lu


So now you know this system works for golfers of all ages and backgrounds, you’re probably wondering…

Why Does This System Create Single-Digit Golfers…
When Other Golf Instruction Only Adds To Your Confusion?

Let me be frank…

Most golf instruction is NOT designed to help the player.

In fact, I believe the vast majority of cases fall under one of two equally troubling situations…

First, the people sharing the system simply don’t know how to teach golf to the average person.

They might be great players. They might even be great coaches – IF they have access to a freak-of-nature pro athlete.

But when it comes to helping “old timers” like you and I who aren’t as strong, fast, or flexible as we were in our twenties, they’re as useful as a pitching wedge in the deep rough.

In some cases, though, I believe the reason golf instruction is so complicated is a little more insidious…

Most golf teachers simply don’t want to stop the gravy train.

They’d much prefer you continue lining their pockets by dropping hundreds of dollars on one-on-one lessons or new equipment.

Maybe you’ve been unlucky enough to have bought into their lies once or twice.

You’re certainly not the only one!

Lord knows I’ve been through my share of unsculpulous instructors in my own time on the links.

That’s why…

When I Needed Help Breaking 80,
I Sought Out One Of The Only
Golf Instructors I Could Trust To Give
Useful, Unbiased, And Effective Advice…

Alex Fortey, from The Art of Simple Golf.

Granted, I’ve worked with Alex before…

But when I wanted to put together a system that helped senior golfers break 80, I didn’t go by gut, emotion, or blind luck…

I looked at the numbers.

And pound for pound, Alex has one of the highest success rates when it comes to helping senior golfers slash their handicap.

The secret lies in his methodical, by-the-numbers approach that leaves nothing to chance in your quest for lower scores and better golf…

And his ability to unlock your body’s “perfect balance” for tour-like control on every drive, chip, and putt.

In other words, Alex’s curriculum has a singular focus on removing the unnecessary “distractions” most golf instruction is riddled with…

Which means it’s not just effective, but also incredible easy and simple to put into action on the course.

In fact, most of his students see more improvements in one afternoon after viewing his videos than they see in years of frustrating, ineffective practice.

After speaking with a few of them – and trying his techniques out for myself – I was convinced that golfers like you deserved the chance to learn these techniques, lower your score, and play the best golf of your life.

Which is why I’m proud to be introducing…

The Break 80! System

Break 80! is a six-module system for playing the best golf in your life.
Here is just some of the little-known handicap-slashing secrets you’ll find in each module…

Championship Course Secrets

Slash five (or more) strokes from your score card by working smarter, not harder, using the “caddy secrets” only single-digit golfers know.

In this module, you’ll discover…

Unbreakable Mind, Unbeatable Golf

Harness the “unfair advantage” every PGA pro knows to stay calm under pressure, develop an edge on your game, and stay confident regardless of conditions.

In this module, you’ll discover…

Smooth-As-Butter Swings

Drastically increase distance, accuracy, and control by learning how to harness your body’s natural biomechanics and sense of balance.

In this module, you’ll discover…

Unlock 50 Yards Of Hidden Distance

Most golfers have 20, 30, or even 50 yards of extra distance “hidden” in their swing. By correctly using the “kinetic chain”, you can be unlock the extra distance in your swing in just a few practice drives.

Inside this module, you’ll discover…

Effortless Iron Play

Improving consistency, compression, and contact with your irons is essential to breaking 80. These techniques will have you hitting perfect iron shots with ease and efficiency, every time.

In this module, you’ll discover…

Super-Effective Short Game

While talented ball strikers, legends like Sergio Garcia, Jack Nicklaus, and Phil Mickelson were most feared for their short game. Here’s how you can use their little-known tricks to win bets from 100 yards and in.

In this module, you’ll discover…

Claim Your Discount!

Plus, every copy of the Break 80! system is…

Backed By Our 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked,
“A Better Swing Or Its Free” Guarantee

As you’ve seen, golfers over 50 love the distance, control, and consistency the  gives them…

And I think you’ll love it too.

But no matter how good this program is, or how wonderful the results golfers get, there’s going to be someone out there who just doesn’t like it.

And there’s a very unlikely chance you could be that someone.

So I want to make you an offer that takes all the risk away from you and puts it squarely on my shoulders:

Try the Break 80! method out, risk-free, for a full 60 days. Watch the videos. Try it out in your swing and in your game.

If at any time during that 60 days you’re not bombing drives, winning bets, and playing the absolute best golf of your life, then just call our toll-free phone number or send an email to and let us know.

I’ll give you back every cent you paid…

AND I’ll let you keep Break 80! as my way of saying “thanks for giving it a try!”

Claim Your Discount!

Now, Here’s Your Next Step…

All you have to do to claim unlimited lifetime access to the Break 80! system at a huge discount.

You’ll get lifetime unrestricted access to the entire Break 80! system for far less than the regular asking price.

Remember, the Break 80! system…

Instant Online Access, No Waiting
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Unrestricted Lifetime Access
To The Break 80! System
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(PLUS… a 60-day, no-questions-asked,
full-money-back guarantee!)


$49 + $49 + $49 + $49 + $49 +$49 = $294


See you in the member’s area,

-Gerry Sanderson

P.S. This is the ONLY system designed from the ground up to help senior golfers break 80. If you want to send your scorecard plummeting, win bets, and play the best golf of your life, you really can’t do better than this.

And since you have a full 60 risk-free days to decide whether this program is for you or not, I think you’d be crazy to pass up this opportunity…

ESPECIALLY since this is a strictly limited time offer. The next time you see this page, there’s a good chance we will have raised the price significantly.

Don’t put up with anything less than reaching your full potential of huge drives, low scores, and a golf game that inspires fear and respect in your opponents.

Get your copy of Break 80! right now

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