Cutting-Edge Golf Instruction
With World-Class Teachers
At Affordable Prices

Here are the programs we currently offer here at Eagle Golf.
All of them are backed by our 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

The Sweet Spot Series

Hit the Sweet Spot every time with every club in your bag. Callaway staff pro and 48-time champion Bobby Luzzi reveals how to add strain-free distance, accuracy, and consistency to your golf game without strain, pain, or injury.

Simple Senior Swing

The only golf instruction program designed for senior golfers, by senior golfers. Add 20, 40, or even 70 yards of effortless distance to every swing using this program. Our best selling program of all time – over 10,000 senior golfers swear by this incredible program!


Break 80!

No golfers are more feared (or respected) on the links than a golfer who is dangerous on the tee, the approach, and the short game. In other words, a single digit golfer. Break 80! Improves your golf game in every way, from course sense, mental game, driving, iron play, putting, chipping, and more. With 6 modules and over 5 hours of instruction, it’s our most comprehensive program available.

Deadly From 100 Yards

Pro golfer Andy Gorman reveals the secrets behind a deadly short game. As we all know from watching legends like Phil Mickelson, Lee Trevino, or Seve Ballesteros, a stunning short game can often turn the tide of golf – even against stronger, younger opponents with monster drives and tree trunks for arms. Discover the secrets of shaping shots so well, your buddies will secretly wonder if you’re some kind of golf god come to life.

Pro Tour Swing Speed

As any serious golfer knows, swing speed means distance. The faster your swing, the further the ball will go. Unfortunately, many golfers are over-extending and straining themselves in their quest to get faster swing speed. Enter Alex Fortey – a self-professed “freak” with a 320-yard drive (on a bad day.) Alex breaks down the secret to his blindingly fast swing, including setup, backswing, positions, balance, and more. Simple and effortless for any golfer of any age or experience, Alex Fortey’s Pro Tour Swing Speed program is guaranteed to add yards to your swing, or your money back.

The Winner’s Circle

Containing literally hundreds of never-before-seen videos that will help you add distance, improve control and consistency, slash your handicap, and win every bet you take, the Winner’s Circle is the ultimate golf video membership. With new videos being added every month, there is no better way to get a host of golf resources at your fingertips, distilled directly from the greatest golfers to ever walk the earth.

Intelligent Golf Distance Training

For serious golfers ONLY. Long-drive machine Alex Fortey reveals the drills and exercises he does to drive the ball 320+ yards every time. 15 minutes a day is all you need to develop the explosive swing speed and power that will have your buddies’ jaws dropping – and fill your wallet with cold, hard cash from easy bets.

The Tempo Trainer

Discover the “missing link” to a perfect swing with the Eagle Golf Tempo Trainer. Most golfers ignore tempo, but it’s a vital key for a smooth, effortless swing that transfers kinetic energy at the perfect moment. Until now, you’d pay over $100 for a tool like this, but we were able to secure a small number of these vital golf training aids for pennies on the dollar.


Pocket Cady

The first step to getting right next to the pin is knowing exactly how far you have to hit the ball. The Eagle Golf Pocket Caddy solves that for you. With accuracy within 3 feet or less, a range of 600 yards, and multiple modes (including one that accounts for slope), you will get all the information you need to play the perfect shot, every time.

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