Swing Soles™

The Only Performance Insole That
Adds 10 - 20 Yards Off The Tee!

A secret weapon…

That’s what golfers all over the world are calling SwingSoles, the only performance insole designed specifically to not only even the playing field for senior golfers, but also provide them with an unfair advantage…

Using the revolutionary KineticPad located in the sole of the insert, Swing Soles™ dampen kinetic feedback and vibrations that travel back into the club after impact with the golf ball, redirecting them into the “sweet spot” of the ball and adding 5, 10, or even 20 yards to every drive.

In addition, the gel soles reduce shock and jarring at the moment the club and ball connect, reducing stress, strain, and injury on the knees, back, shoulders, wrists, and elbows. This means you stay more limber, flexible, and pain-free during your 18 holes, meaning a better game and a lower scorecard.

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The Key To Bigger Drives With Less Effort


Improve Performance


Reduce Injury


One Size Filts All




How Do SwingSoles Reduce Pain And Injury...
While Adding Distance, Control,
And Consistency To Every Swing

An Unfair Advantage - Specifically For Senior Golfers

The KineticPad™ located in your swing soles serves one purpose: redirecting the energy of the golf swing.

Normally, upon contact with the golf ball, the kinetic energy is “bounced back” into the body – causing shock, strain, and jarring your joints. Worse still, this energy “leakage” robs golfers of the true power their golf swing should have.

The KineticPad stops this process by absorbing and redirecting that energy back into the golf ball, similar to a trampoline or a slingshot. That means more energy goes into the sweet spot of the golf ball, which in turn, means longer, smoother drives for anyone wearing the SwingSoles.

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Tested (And Loved) By Senior Golfers Everywhere

In field tests with 182 senior golfers, the SwingSoles added an average of 8.7 yards to every drive over 9 holes. In addition, 97.5% reported significantly less pain, strain, and injury after the 9 holes than usual.

Anti-Bacterial, Mildew-Resisitant, Breathable Fabric

SwingSoles have been designed to stay dry and free of bacteria. The unique fabric stops mold and bacteria from forming, while the breathable fabric keeps feet clean, dry, and smelling great – even after 18 holes in the summer.


Easy On Joints And Muscles

The unique design of the SwingSole puts gel pads where the human foot needs the most support. The end result is a bouncy, springy step that feels like walking on a cloud. Over 90% of SwingSole users surveyed reported a significant improvement in joint and muscle pain not only on the course, but when wearing the SwingSoles on a daily basis.

The Perfect Fit, Every TIme

SwingSoles are one size fits all. Simply use any pair of household scissors or kitchen knife to accurately trim the SwingSoles to the perfect size for your shoes.


Foldable, Bendable, Storable

SwingSoles can be rolled up and stuffed in a golf bag, a backpack, or a cupboard as easy as can be. Their revolutionary memory-based technology means they’ll always “spring back” and be ready to hit the road just as soon as you are.

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Customer Reviews For SwingSoles

You should have seen my buddy’s face the first time I whacked a drive wearing these things. An extra 15 yards to my usual distance, easy. I won’t golf without them
Pete G
The day after I played golf, my knees and shoulder used to be in agony. Now, I’m able to function normally the next day. These are a miracle product
Brock S
These things really take the “shock” out of the golf swing. I personally have noticed increased control over my ball, which has brought me down 3 strokes a game on average.
Amy B
Walking is smooth and easy, no stress on my joints, and my knees don’t even hurt any more. I bought one for every pair of shoes I own
Don N
Been winning a lot more bets since I got these. Told my matesI’ve just been practicing more. They’d be pretty unhappy with me if they knew the truth, but what they don’t know can’t hurt them.
Rick N
Finally broke 80 the other day. I credit the SwingSoles. My swing felt smoother and I was a lot less distracted by those nagging aches and injuries.
Bob P

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Material: Gel + Anti-bacterial fabric
Size: One size fits all (adjustable)
Weight: ¼ lb per sole
Include: Fast, Free Shipping, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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